Our Services

High-security datacenters

We execute and arrange Tier III  certified datacenter solutions for our clients through our unique and flexible platform with access to facilities in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and the United Kingdom. 


On-demand we can deliver disaster protected facilities that offer the highest security in the world against terrorism and extreme disasters (such as floods, earthquakes, solar storms and nucleair threats) with unique  security characteristics that include:

  • Maximum uptime guarantee of 100% on power and cooling
  • Minimum downtime of less than one minute per year
  • Extreme redundancy up to 3N, plus redundancy for all mission critical systems with carrier neutral network connections
  • Biometric security
  • Floor-load of 2.500+ KG/m2
  • Up to 10 security layers

Business and mission-critical communication systems

We deliver leading-edge solutions dedicated to the development of professional mobile communications systems for mission-critical applications. We provide hardware and software radio communications products, switching platforms and base stations, as well as software solutions for use in the hardware platforms.

Our solutions find their way in many sectors such as governments, millitairy services, public safety, airports, seaports and utility sectors

Cyber security solutions

The world is radically changing due to the exponential growth of data and technologies. The Cloud, IoT, Big Data. The digital world has a lot to offer. Business digitization also has exposed organisations to new digital vulnerabilities, making cybersecurity and data privacy more important than ever and making an effective cybersecurity program a critical business requirement for almost each organisation. 


Together with leading cyber security specialists we orchestrate the development of resilient cyber security (eco)systems and deliver cyber security risk advisory, to help our clients to translate opportunities into solid and sustainable solutions